The best advice for the broken hearted also apply to n00b childcare teachers (me, and me too).

I welcomed new children to my class last week, and as expected most cried. This is a stark difference from when I began work as a childcare teacher mid last year, when my class was already settled in. When they cry for their mummies I feel like crying for my mummy too. If you say this out loud you almost-always get the same response- Ms. Harlina you have mummy? But you’re so big. Yes kids despite my height and AHEM stature, I do have a mummy just like you and no I do not live in school.
On the personal front, I have been single for a month now. How do you write such episodes? It’s been tough. I was a wreck.

Being at work helped. When my charges cried for their parents the way I sobbed over my loss, I knew then that I too will be okay. Whatever I believe children are capable of… so too I must believe of myself.

The best advice I’ve received about mending a broken heart also applies to working in childcare- Take things half a day at a time. The half day mark in childcare is after shower time (my achilles heel… but I’m improving!), when the children fall asleep. During my lunch break I make a trip down for some amazing coffee, and the rest of the day seem to go by swimmingly. I wish Dutch Colony Coffee opened earlier!

So many people shared their stories, their wisdom. Thank you for opening up to me; your words sustained me. It is any wonder I completed my Professional Portfolio during that tumultuous time. Speaking of which!

On Wednesday I went for my Professional Portfolio presentation and that, ladies and gents, was the last demand of my degree! Come June, my peers and I will graduate- wear that funny hat and the billowing gown (the rental will cost Too Much I am sure of it), take lots of photos (but no selfie with the Dean onstage, I promise!), and collectively look forward to brighter futures in EC!

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