The things I now know I don’t know: Did somebody do a poo? an update

Awhile ago,  I made mention that I was preparing for a new role. A little more than a month has passed since I started work as a pre-school teacher!

How exactly did I prepare? Well, the ways I know how of course. Namely, reading, reading, reading, and asking endless questions. And reading some more.

Of course (and you know this), all the reading in the world cannot prepare you fully for the demands of a job. Where there are gaps in my knowledge and experience, I’m really lucky to have a great principal and colleagues whom I can turn to when I need an opinion or two about lesson plans, and learning centres and the like :D

(And of course, my to-read list has grown exponentially over the past three weeks :s)

My mum, and friends Audrey and Rina have been extremely helpful too in dishing out advice and strategies to use in the classroom. I owe it to all these people for my smooth transition- thank you everyone!

Being a class teacher is all-consuming, I’ll give you that, but there is great satisfaction in seeing your class of three year olds enjoy school and learning.

I still can’t get my olfactory receptors to tell me when someone’s done a poo, though; I can’t decide if that’s a good thing! Thankfully, my assistant is quick on the uptake, cos…

I can’t smell sh*t. 



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