See you at the Asian Festival of Children’s Content!

I bought early-bird tickets to the Teachers Congress! After much deliberation, I bit the bullet and surrendered to the purchase, thus saving fifty dollars. Of course, now I’m $150 poorer and will eat grass exclusively for the rest of the month.

The sessions I’m most excited about are Literacy through Physical Development (Rebecca Chan), Nurturing Literacy through Art (Wong Seet Fun), and The Transition from Preschool to Primary(various speakers).

Dr. Sue Kosoff and I, about a year ago. How I miss those days! :)

Of course I’m also excited to touch base with Dr. Sue Kosoff, who taught me Drama for Children and Readers Theatre. Dr. Kosoff will be presenting the second Plenary session, Using Drama to fall in love with Reading, Writing, and Books. Additionally, Lavina Cheong, one of the most energetic lecturers I know will be presenting a Readers Theatre workshop with Dr. Kosoff.

I have high expectations of the Teachers Congress, having attended the first. I hope that come 25th May, my learning will be all the richer for this investment!



2 thoughts on “See you at the Asian Festival of Children’s Content!

  1. Elaine says:

    Oh gosh, I didn’t realise it was you, Harlina, supporting my blog until I saw this photo with your trademark smile! Did you recognise Sophia? Hope you will have a great experience at the Teachers Congress!

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