Harlina does… Scrapbooking!

During the long CNY break, my friends Ash and Nasha invited me over to Ash’s house for a meal. As it turned out, I had to help prepare the meal which saw me cleaning fish for the first time in my life (okay it makes me sound like a bad guest; I am sorry).

I can always count on Ash to give me my firsts (go read about me changing her son’s diapers). Other firsts include my first time breaking into the quarter-finals at a debating tournament, so it isn’t always fishy hands and poo, thank goodness!

After a very satisfying meal of grilled chicken  and salmon, wholewheat aglio olio, and steamboat, the men broke out the Wii and started playing a dancing game. Ash and Nasha convinced me to make a scrapbook page, which took me forever to complete! There was so much decision-making involved that even the first step of choosing a background was intimidating :p Ash very generously took those photos with her instax, and she and Nasha both gave me free reign of all their precious scrapbooking material.

After choosing the background colour, I decided that I wanted trimmings for the photos and quickly set to work. I experimented with letter stamps and using a thick double-sided tape to make things pop out. As I worked, it got easier and easier, especially after I remembered to employ the rule of thirds. Before long, three hours has transpired and my friends helped me with the finishing touches and even gave me a cool see-through envelope to store my single scrapbook page in!

The page has pride of place on my piano and I look at it every day- thanks Ash and Nasha for a day full of fun :)


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