Painting Warhammer 40k miniatures- for fun!

The red ones won’t go faster, unlike my boyz the Orks :p

Sometimes you do things just to satisfy your curiosity- will I enjoy it? Will I hate it? (Will I potentially earn money off it? People pay good money for paintjobs you know. But in this case probably not.)

Ryan has been bugging (begging?) me to try out Warhammer 40k, a game he and Dzaki play quite often. As a compromise I said I’ll help him paint his miniatures, because I’m not really a games kind of person, and probably not a big-table-war-games kind of person, although that remains to be seen.

SO! Awhile back I spent what felt like 20 minutes at Battle Bunker painting some of Ryan’s miniatures. I was immersed in painting and highlighting some of the Tyranids (nah I don’t know their names), my neck in a terrible position, my back hunched over. Two hours passed before I took stock of time- gosh has it been two hours? Time stood still.

To give you an idea of just how tiny those things are

There is satisfaction in seeing five little guys go from grey to coloured to highlighted to glossed and ready for battle! And painting them were almost therapeutic.  The foliage at the base of the miniatures were glued on by Ryan himself- he also got some little rocks to adorn the base, how cute eh :)


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