Before the clock strikes 12, there’s something you need to know

I find Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree extremely disturbing.

I also cannot believe that Adventure Time is on the Cartoon Network. I think there should be a cartoon channel for adults, because Adventure Time has pretty adult content. I watched some Adventure Time while on holiday, and since I brought my uke along, I got alot of practice too!

Incidentally, here’s Marcelline playing the ukulele.

There you go! HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and yours. Thank you for reading and commenting on my little blog all these years, although I really only had 46 blog posts in 2012,  nine less than 2011. I can’t believe it myself, especially since I used to blog twice a day on Xanga (ten years ago).


3 thoughts on “Before the clock strikes 12, there’s something you need to know

    • Harlina says:

      I can’t wrap my head around this- that the boy/man keeps taking from the tree… and to the end the tree loves him.

      While I accept that there is a lesson there, to be grateful for what we have perhaps, I still find the story sad, and disturbing! Your thoughts?

      • teachersuzannah says:

        Yeah I agree the end of the story is abit sad…but I think it does give a very good example of the giving nature of least that’s the positive side.

        But ya I know where you’re coming from. The tree never asks for anything back, you notice? It’s happy when the boy is happy.

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