BRAND NEW! Harlina does diapers!

I have never changed a diaper or dress a two year old until early this week. It was alot more work than I expected, cos how hard can it be right? RIGHT.  A squirmy two year old at the changing table, determined to foil your attempts of 1) removing his clothes 2) removing his diapers.

Those diapers. They turned out to be pull-ups! I found out too late- I had already embarrassed myself looking for those stickythings on either sides of the diapers.

Ash passed me a fresh pair to put on Aaqil, which I did with some success. Back-to-front. Even the poor kid was perplexed. He must be thinking Alamak! Aunty Harlina… #EPICFAIL! 

So finally with alot of help from Ash and alot less squirming from Aaqil, I managed to change Aaqil’s diaper and clothes. YAY ME!

To Ash’s credit, she did not laugh at me. Not to my face, anyway : D


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