P is for Pre-school Education, Parliament & Prep for Hari Raya

Come Monday, Parliament will debate a host of issues, including the quality of pre-school education. And the shortage of places in childcare centres.

Seeing as we no longer subscribe to ST, I will try to read the newspaper at work, for updates, before someone else messes it up, stains it with sambal, or use it for a craft activity. Maybe it’s time I took up an online subscription? And also buy an iPad? Ooooh slippery slope there. But everybody has one! Even the barely-twos at school! Makes me wish I was still on the receiving end of a green packet!

Reading Hana’s entry reminds me of our own Raya prep- there is zero baking this year! Mum and grandma decided to buy and order Raya goodies. There will be alot of cooking this coming week though, because my nenek is an excellent cook and everyone looks forward to the chicken korma and paru goreng. Also, our house is like a hub every Hari Raya- hundreds of people pass through these gates! It’s pure awesome really… especially if you are on the receiving end of a green packet.

There’s still so much to do around here- I know this because we haven’t polish the brass stuff, haven’t taken out the big-ass carpets for the living room, or hang “special occassion” curtains. I don’t look forward to next Saturday, I don’t!


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