Join the Preschool Teachers Network Singapore Group on Facebook!

I think preschool teachers need a platform for their voices to be heard and I believe by creating this group and with your participation, we can bring about a wind of change to the field. – Mr. Philip Koh, lecturer at SEED Institute and industry advocate

The Facebook group has already garnered discussion on leadership, ratings, and raising pre-school teacher’s qualifications to a Degree, amongst other things.

It’s great that early-years educators now have a forum to air their views, but my question is… who’s listening?

I hope the group continues to grow, and will help shape the early-childhood industry.


9 thoughts on “Join the Preschool Teachers Network Singapore Group on Facebook!

    • Christopher Ng says:

      I am representing the Serious Games Association (Singapore). We would like to offer complimentary passes for your members to our upcoming conference Serious Gaming and Social Connect 2012. The main idea is using games for education. Do contact me if you find this relevant.

      • Harlina says:

        Hi Christoper, I’m not sure whether Mr. Koh can see your comment. Perhaps you can email me at harlina (AT) and I’ll connect you to him? Regards, Harlina.

      • Harlina says:

        Hi Doris! The group operates on Facebook, so you will need a Facebook account to join. If you don’t have an account, go to to create one.

        As the group is invite-only, do give me the link to your Facebook profile and I will add you!

        Thanks for visiting! -Harlina

    • Harlina says:

      Hi Karthi, I appreciate your comment and question. I believe this question is best put forward on the Preschool Teachers Network Singapore group.

      Are you a member of the group?

  1. Pris says:

    Hello Harlina, we really need help to find a nanny who genuinely cares for children for our 16 month old boy. I know this is very unconventional way of our search, but is there any chance you can help???

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