“You young people are so mission oriented”

You say that like it’s a bad thing. 

Three weeks ago, we had a free health screening at work afterwhich I signed up for a more comprehensive check which included drawing blood, fasting, two trips to the loo etc. Once the labwork was done, I went to one of the affiliated clinics for the lowdown- basically I am overweight (bad), do not have diabetes (excellent!), and… am mission oriented.

Wait do I hear an accusatory tone? 

What happened was the doctor asked how I feel so I told him I feel great except I have trouble sleeping after school cos I need to wind down before I fall asleep. This was when he started his spiel about my generation… “chase material wealth”… “mission oriented”. 

I stared at him (chase material wealth?!?) but let the moment pass. I’ve never thought of myself as being mission oriented, but if it means that I am resourceful, strategic, open to feedback, and never satisfied with the status quo, then… compliment accepted! 


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