“Ask the language development expert!”

We’re doing a module on Language Development in school, and earlier in the day my coursemates and I played language development experts and did a presentation and Q & A on the different stages in language development- that was fun! Here I am in my ‘expert’ garb- a rare sight as I am not usually sartorially… inclined.

I can’t wait for Monday when we begin learning about Bilingual development! I hope we have time to cover the bases though- completing a whole module in just six days (every night from 6 to 10pm in case you were wondering- how else do I explain those eyebags?) is crazy. Already, I wish we had more time to discuss theories of language adaptation. SIGH! Four hours just isn’t enough, but I thank my lucky stars for Ryan who is only too happy to discuss Chomsky and then bring me to Wittgenstein.

Have I been more enthusiastic about school? I am hard pressed to think of a time. While I have always enjoyed learning and being in school, I think this is the first time I feel for and care about a subject matter! And the feeling of having found your thang… is just too wonderful for words.


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