Silver linings

I am very grateful for the opportunities presented to me this weekend- I hosted the launch of SherMay Loh’s second book, Archibald and the Black Knight’s Ring. Having helmed the launch of her first book, I am only too happy to host it again (I love you Epigram!), and I feel like I have grown together with Archibald… which won a Moonbeam last year! Congratulations again, SherMay!

After the book launch, I helped out at an event for work called the Dinosaur Stomp- had the chance to puppeteer, handle a huge dinosaur cut-out, and DANCE! I’m thrilled to have shared a stage with the talented duo- William and Farhan. That was probably the closest I’ll ever get to being on Barney & Friends, ha ha ha :p

I’d like to thank everyone who commented and liked my posts on this blog- thank you! I didn’t think this blog will have readers other than myself and maybe my parents, so yes! thank you for reading!


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