Asian Festival of Children’s Content 2012

The Asian Festival of Children’s Content (AFCC) is upon us again! I attended the inaugural AFCC two years ago, and remember meeting Yusoff Gajah, John McKenzie, and attending the preschool teacher’s congress. I wanted to attend this year’s festival (David Seow has been writing about the AFCC on his blog, enticing the likes of me who need little persuasion!), but due to school and work schedule, have to give it a miss. The good news is, school has been rescheduled so it is actually possible for me to attend the preschool teachers’ congress, but now I am broke =_=;

For the too-broke-for-congress (read: c’est moi), there are Public Programmes (read: FREE!).  And I’d love love love LOVEEE to attend the Children’s Literature Lecture– can you believe it falls on a night that I am free! Alas it is only for participants and invited guests. Sigh! Anyone has a plus one, or a complimentary ticket for meeeeee?

I am attending the Children’s Literature Lecture , and you can too! :D The lecture is titled Imaginations as Big as the World: The Picture Book Art of Maurice Sendak, Mitsumasa Anno, and Eric Carleby Leonard Marcus. Following that, there will be a dramatisation of David Seow’s There’s Soup On My Fly by Act3 International.

Sounds good huh! Can’t wait! 


4 thoughts on “Asian Festival of Children’s Content 2012

    • Harlina says:

      Awesome! I just entered a competition on to win tickets for the festival… Wish me luck! :) See you Hana!

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