This week I…

  • attended my first dinner and dance, dressed as the Tooth Fairy! I made those wings myself, with help from this video. Wore patterned tights for the first time in my life too :p
  • went to the orthodontist to get them braces tightened. No biggie!
  • finished reading The Book of Human Skin by Michelle Lovric – a lovely read if not for the slow middle! Good as it was, I thought comparisons to Suskind’s Perfume were =_=; most unjust to Patrick Suskind.
  • watched The Avengers and *gasp* liked it
  • thought about the S$10-million boost for the pre-school sector. Offering scholarships to attract and retain teachers is well and good, but I think there should be research of in-service and former pre-school teachers to find out what teachers want, and to understand why teachers leave the sector. I believe pre-school teachers ought be paid more too, but maybe that’s just me? No? 
  • starred two items on my Google Reader
  1. Helping Pre-schoolers to Become Writers by Trevor Cairney
  2. Learn Anything Faster with the Feinman Technique from Farnam Street
  • did not drink coffee! GASP!

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