Teething problems,school, pet projects, and dreams of wanderlust

I got a wisdom tooth removed on Thursday. It was less painful than I expected. My cute dentist Dr. Hsu suggested I wear a blindfold, and that worked so well for me (can’t see tools = less anxious)! I am still on MC, popping pills every eight hours, have returned to eating solids, and am weaning myself off painkillers. So far so good!

It’s been more than a month since my last post, and during that time I completed two modules in school- Readers Theatre and Drama for Children! Here I am with Professor Susan Kosoff- lecturer, co-founder of the Wheelock Family Theatre, and a most wonderful teacher.

I’m looking forward to learningabout language development, bilingualism and how children acquire second and even third languages! One of my side-projects (there has got to be growth outside of work too, no?) is teaching a three year old boy how to speak Malay- it is his third language after English and Mandarin Chinese, and it is interesting to note that neither parent speaks the language!

He takes it in like a sponge- I can’t be more thrilled at his enthusiasm, and  in my next posts I will attempt to explain my methods and both our progress!

It is only April but I am already thinking of the June holidays! Looks like I will be able to take Penang off my list afterall, as I will be attending a distant cousin’s wedding in June! I am crossing my fingers that my leave will be approved- afterwhich I will plan a Straits Settlement adventure :D


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