Brace thyself, Harlina!

Tomorrow marks one week of my donning braces!

Last Monday I had four teeth extracted, for which my adorable dentist gave me two stickers (for valour, I think)! And the surprising thing about extraction is, it didn’t hurt even after the anaesthesia started wearing off. SURPRISE, SURPRISE FOLKS! Well, I was still TERRIFIED during the procedure, and stopped them twice because I thought I felt my jaw move : s Paranoiddd, but you can’t blame me can you?

The very next day, I went to the clinic again and the orthodontist put the metal in. When all the metal brackets were on, I remember thinking This isn’t tooooo baaad, although closing my mouth was a little difficult. Even after the wires were tightened, I thought This is… bearable. And it was, that first night!

Wednesday came and went with little fanfare. I was prepared, so I ate porridge, yoghurt, and allowed some macarons to pass between my tongue :p And I drank Slurpees and a frap. Except for the tension, it was a good day! I did need a muscle relaxant at night though- and it really did help me fall asleep.

Thursday and Friday were the most difficult days. I was back at work, and all the talking and singing made my mouth sore. Ow : ( Even liberal use of dental wax didn’t help avoid cuts and ulcers. I was constantly hungry, and the instant oats and yoghurt didn’t fill me very well. I was so hungry I swallowed bits of chiffon cake! On Friday, mama blended my dinner and I had puréed spaghetti. It was good.

At papa’s nudging I began eating real food on Saturday. Kaya toasts soaked in half-boiled eggs. Mashed potatoes and one chicken at Popeyes. It took a really long time to finish a meal, but at least it kept me satiated! On Sunday I had Mee Hong Kong for lunch, and I chewed for 45 minutes.

Best meal ever!

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