In a tizzy!

I am anxious and excited, you guys! For one, I attended school orientation last night, and the first module (Readers Theatre) will begin early-March. Have you met anyone so excited about preliminary readings before? Ahhhhh now you have. 

And now to explain my anxiety.

I had planned to get braces done during the March holidays, as my orthodontist told me I require four extractions. I didn’t want to go to work with FOUR TEETH MISSING (hence getting braces done during school hols)! Well guess what? I have lectures during the March hols, and add to that, there will be a performance component too! I worry about the discomfort from having braces, and the most nerve wrecking thing is… Will I be able to speak properly? Will people understand me? Nevermind that the four empty spaces in my mouth will be visible whenever I smile! Hopefully the metal wires help to camouflage them. A little. 

After much deliberation, I have decided to bring forward those dates and get the braces on… JENG JENG JENGGGGG! next week. This will give me two weeks to get used to having metal in my mouth before I have to make any graded presentations.

As for going to work with four teeth missing, and possibly speaking with a lisp for a couple of days, looks like I’ll just have to suck it up, huh. You know, roll in with the punches and all that. Just… don’t punch me in the mouth. I will punch you back. 

2 thoughts on “In a tizzy!

  1. teachersuzannah says:

    Congrats congrats congrats after such a looooong wait!! I’m already turning slightly green with friendly envy to hear that you get a whole module in Reader’s Theatre… just wrapped up my M&M module with LC… was awesome awesome awesome!!! (hehehe, I realize I keep using words in three… well, in LC’s words, 3 is the magic number~ :P)

    Glad to hear that you’ll have a chance to break in your braces too, before you start parforming with your voice! Teaching with braces will be an experience, but you really will get used to it after awhile (even though in the midst of the pain it’s hard to believe). I kinda miss mine now~

    Hope to see you around soon~

    • Harlina says:

      Thanks thanks thanks Suzannah! I can’t believe school begins in two weeks! And I think you’re so lucky you got LC for M & M… oh gosh I can’t remember what I did during M & M :p

      Am getting used to the braces- the tension’s easing up now so save for ulcers it’s all good! Phew!

      See you in school! :D

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