Little Miss Forgetful

Yesterday, I forgot to bring my referral letter from A&E to the dentist, and Mama had to bring it over for me.

(I got my jaw X-Rayed at the dentist, to confirm-plus-chop that it wasn’t a dislocation. Then I got my teeth scaled and polished- that was a feat for both me and the dentist, as I can’t open my mouth too wide! In two weeks we will talk about putting metal in braces, and also check on my jaw. In the meantime I have to do some exercises every day.)

Well whaddayaknow? Today, I forgot to pack in after-work clothes! Usually, this wouldn’t have been a problem, but this afternoon I discovered that I had a tear in my pants, where my bumbum is :s

The thought that I may have gone through the day with a hole in my pants make me shudder! I mean, during music in school, we dance and prance and shake our bon-bons with wild abandon, you know! (That wild abandon bit… maybe that’s just me)

So anyway, I went to M&S and ended up buying the exact same pair as the torn one, cos that’s just how I shop- like Penelope Trunk, I suck at picking and mixing-and-matching my own clothes, so I tend to stick to what I know and like. That way, most of my clothes will match. Ehhh, boring, I know. ZZZzzz.

From now on, I am keeping a set of work clothes and after-work clothes in my locker just for days like this!


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