Who dislocates their jaw anyway? Don’t answer that question.

As with most Speech & Drama classes, we have a couple of vocal exercises to do in-class, with the kids. These are usually lots of fun, silly and tied to a story. So anyway, after one such exercise today that involved tongue stretching and jaw movements, I started to feel a discomfort in my right jaw. Thinking it will go away, I ignored it.

Until after the work day was over- I went for a cuppa with Reena, and we also called for tiny cakes and tarts and puffs. Well whaddaya know, it hurt SO MUCH to chew! : (

I was afraid I had dislocated my jaw (on one side), and was Googling ‘dislocated jaw’ and the like. Boy was I afraid!

In the cab back home, I called Mama to tell her my suspicions, and added that my face has swelled up ever so slightly. She repeated what I said out loud and in the background, I can hear my dad’s panicked tones. At first we decided that I’ll go home first and try to ice my face, but as I got closer and closer to home, the discomfort raised to a whole new level and I knew I couldn’t rest until I found out what is causing the pain and discomfort. Mama told me she’ll get ready, grab my sweater, and meet me at the foyer.

At triage, I told the nurse the pain was a 7 out of 10. I really wanted to say nine, but figured I should save that number for when I’m in labour. It must be my lucky day because a doctor was hanging around triage and we did a series of tests (moving jaw from side to side,  him expertly feeling my jaw etc.), and he determined that my jaws weren’t dislocated. He confessed he has had the same problem before. Let me tell you what a RELIEF it was, phew! Not dislocated!

(When I was 14, I managed to dislocate my left shoulder while lying down on a sofa =_=; But that’s another story for another day.)


Principal Diagnosis: Sprain and strain of TMJ. Was given muscle relaxants. I still can’t close my mouth such that my teeth touch just right, but I am hoping that it will get better when I wake up in the morning.

ANYWAY: Who’d have thought that saying your vowels could be a job hazard?

(Ever the funnyman, dad says I strain my jaw cos I talk too much- no I don’t! )


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