Gratitude: SMRT Merc cab driver

Every step was torture- all I wanted to do was squeeze my thighs together. It didn’t take away the pain, but the effort alone took my mind away from wanting to pee.

Standing by the side of Tomlinson Road, I willed a cab to appear, and soon enough it did (thank God!). It stopped, I hobbled over to the other side of the road, and after telling the driver where to go, I called Mama to let her know I was on my way home.

I was like a person in labour- sharp breaths in, long breaths out. At least that’s what I see on TV! I was relieved that this cab driver made no effort at small-talk. He switched the radio on to 92.4 FM; I guess he thought the classical music will help deliver me from pain.

Soon we were at my carpark and I took out my wallet. “By NETS please Uncle.”

“Oh no my machine spoil… It’s always faulty.”

I looked in my wallet. A five dollar note… and even if I put all my coins together, I doubt it will be enough. “I’m sorry Uncle, can you drive to the ATM? It’s nearby. I don’t have enough cash… I’m one or two dollars short Uncle.”

“It’s okay girl, just give me what you have. You go home and rest.”

And so it was- I emptied my wallet, and gave him everything I had. Eight dollars and twenty cents; a dollar eighty short. I thanked the driver repeatedly- I think he was quite embarrassed by it!

Thank you Uncle!

Anyway, as I suspected, it was UTI, which is being treated with antibiotics. Back to work tomorrow!


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