Hello, 2012!

I welcome the year with arms open- 2011 was good to me, but I just know this year is going to be epic!

For starters, I am now in the waiting list (again) to commence my degree come February/March. I can’t believe it’s taking so long to confirm my position (what, izzit my GPA not high enough for you guise?). I wait with bated breath.

I’d like to get my teeth done this year. As some of you know, my front tooth is chipped, and while friends have told me it’s part of the charm (thanks guys!) the chipped tooth is beginning to bother me.

Oh and I’d like to take a short holiday every quarter (ie. whenever I can), possibly taking a long vacation at the end of the year.

Yours truly in KL end-2011 (photo: Liy)

On the reading front, I am enjoying the works of Mary Higgins Clark, who is my new Mark Billingham. I am also reading American Psycho, and trying not to be annoyed at Patrick Bateman.

Speaking of Patricks, I miss Patrick Jane. Why don’t they show the new seasons of The Mentalist on TV anymore? …

4 thoughts on “Hello, 2012!

    • Harlina says:

      Design and Tech must be a new-ish module, cos I don’t remember doing it! Who’s teaching it?

      Wishing you a great year as well- do update your blog! :D

  1. teachersuzannah says:

    Hehe the course is Design and Technology as Teaching and Learning Tools. :) We’re having Mr. Tan MK… and enjoying the module quite well… all the IT stuff is totally my domain. Hehee~

    Yes I do need to update my blog, to be sure! It’s on my to-do list somewhere near the middle! :)

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