All over the place

My new favourite author is Mark Billingham. I have ditched the CSI marathon on Sundays (finally, something better than a CSI marathon!) and now spend most of Sunday in bed, reading! I am also reading How to be a Mentalist by Simon Winthrop, a book I chanced upon in Kinokuniya and knew I had to bring home… because I LOVE THE MENTALIST, FOLKS!

Photo taken without permission from (Jiayuan's awesome blog)

Jiayuan has an excellent blog post in which she outlines her thought processes when she visits a library- it is worth a peek (also please go sqwee at Ben Ben her cat), plus her illustrations are soooo cute! If you really want to know, those are the things that go through my mind when I’m at the library too, except I don’t geek out at the programming sections :p

My time at work seem to go by really quickly eversince I started playing music for classes! *does a jig* And I have taken to banging on the keyboard and singing at the same time (it didn’t happen magically, I wake up early in the mornings to practice FYI), so whee! *does another jig* I’m enjoying myself and… LAST WEEK I RECEIVED MY CONFIRMATION LETTER! Dum de dee. Goodbye, probation! You were quick and relatively painless!

And I have been thinking, since I won’t be starting on my degree til next November, I may go back to learning Jazz piano next year, and maybe even do a music grade or two. Cos you know what? Music can increase 90% of children’s verbal intelligence in just three weeks! That is one helluva interesting piece of research! Now I want to specialise in literacy and music!

Well, not now now, cos right now I want to go back to reading Death Message :D 

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