It was Secret Friend Week at work

Three packages I received from my Secret Friend. Last week was Secret Friend week.

Signed, sealed, and delivered- gifts from my secret friend

The co-worker who was assigned ‘Harlina Samat’ as his/her Secret Friend sent five packages in all. My favourite gift was the striped socks- it is cute and practical (as we are all required to wear socks at work). I also received an adorable notebook, highlighters, a pocket mirror, and a small drawstring bag :) 

On the first day of the week (that’s Tuesday for me), I gave my SF kiwi flavoured hard candy. The following days I sent- a cute sticker sheet of fruits, coffee (returned with thanks as she doesn’t drink coffee), loose tea leaves from Sri Lanka, a monthly organiser and a cute matching pen from Kikki K, a ‘Have a good weekend’ postcard (art by Yusof Gajah) AND… a birthday card right after as I heard it was her birthday! 

Secret Friend Week was great fun- for some others, there were flower deliveries, song, dance and poetry dedications (think singing telegrams), fruit baskets, beer and face masks! And then there were some who received nothing.

All will be revealed this week! 


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