Here’s Day 6 – Childhood memory

We are nearing the end of August, but I’m only on Day 6 in the 30-Day photo project :p

2011-08-08 16.33.31

Holland Village now

I spent alot of time in Holland Village as a child- my dad worked in Ayer Rajah, my mum taught in a childcare centre in Holland Road, and I was placed in a childcare centre in Chip Bee Gardens, not far from my mother’s workplace. Believe it or not, I entered childcare age two one and a half, and enjoyed every second of being in school.

Every morning, papa will drive us to the Malay coffee shop behind Holland Village Shopping Centre for breakfast. I have memories of drinking teh tarik from a saucer and eating (unrolled) kuih dadar at this coffee shop. I think this must have been before my sister was born, but I may be wrong. Anyway, oh how you have changed since I was wee, Holland V!

I’ve always wanted to write about this, how I owe my interest in early-childhood education to my own wonderful childhood-

to mama, who was a childcare teacher and whom I am fortunate to have as my first teacher, and to my teachers from PWS (now known as Presbyterian Community Services) who were kind, loving, and warm.

That’s quite something to add to the Nature/Nurture conversation, isn’t it? ;)


2 thoughts on “Here’s Day 6 – Childhood memory

    • Harlina says:

      Thank you Sharifah! It is becoming difficult to buy good kuih dadar from food vendors these days- and for me it has become the stuff of childhood.

      Selamat Hari Raya to you too!

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