Day 4 – Favourite Colour

Guess my favourite colour

I am taking part in the 30 Day Photo Challenge and oops, I skipped a couple of days. No point feeling guilty; let’s get on with the programme! :p

This one is pretty self-explanatory- I do love red and have a number of red things. If I am buying shoes or bags, I almost-always pick the red, which I later regret because some occasions jussssst call for black (I should take a leaf out of Hana’s book on this).

A funny thing about my laptop- when I bought it, the guy kept apologising when he told me that they were out of black, and this was the last piece. I was so happy, I didn’t make a fuss to weasel a discount!

Red aside, I also like orange and navy blue, in that order. 

Now your turn- What is your favourite colour?

2 thoughts on “Day 4 – Favourite Colour

  1. hana says:

    i still say black. :p but ok, diversifying to electric blues, shocking pinks, vibrant oranges, minty greens.. (hey, if you gotta go for colours, might as well make them saturated, i say. :p)

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