Day 2 – What I Wore

Day 2

Happy National Day, Singapore! The intention was to stay home and laze around all day, but by 11 am the growl in my tummy got the better of me. Since there was no food at home, and I wasn’t fasting, I ventured out for brunch. Simply Bread was packed with brunching families and their kids-in-high-chairs, so I ate at the Coffee Bean next door

Sinking my teeth into the Rosemary Chicken Sandwich, I immediately regretted my decision. I should have waited for a table! The cappuccino at Simply Bread is better, too… 


Did you watch the National Day Parade? It sure was full of cringe-worthy moments to me! NDP is like Eurovision- you know it’s going to be full of cringe, but you watch it anyway.


2 thoughts on “Day 2 – What I Wore

  1. teachersuzannah says:

    Ooh I liked the fireworks~ *still a kid at heart* Was opposite the floating platform so the fireworks were almost falling down on top of us *so cool*

    AND I liked the huge turnout along the Singapore River… it was a Singapore fever of patriotism, hehehee!

    BTW, PLEEEEEEASE keep blogging, do! If not people like me won’t have light humorous things to read in Google Reader lol!

    • Harlina says:

      Awwwh thanks awfully Suzannah! I’m on Google Reader too, and I use the Explore option quite liberally :D

      The fireworks will always be the highlight of NDP, IMO!

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