Day 1: Self-Portrait

Day 1: Self-Portrait

Admittedly, I am very very bad at self-portraits. And so I will confess that Sno helped me in this task- there is no way I could’ve done this myself! We were at Food #03 and Post-Museum to bid the two synonymous places a final farewell.

Post-Museum was where I made my first hundred bucks as an entrepreneur. Jiayuan and I organised a flea market, called Pasar PM, and I still keep in touch with some of the vendors from that day on Facebook. Thank you Jennifer, for that learning opportunity!

And who can forget the numerous birthday parties and no-reason-meet-ups we had at Food #03? I even worked the odd shift there as a server, and once served warm beer (because I didn’t know better). Birthdays were celebrated, broken hearts mended, and fortunes read by Ser Ming.

Today, the Post-Museum also hosted it’s final Really Really Free Market. The clothbags, DVDs, VCDs, and jewelry boxes I brought were quickly snapped up. It was hot outside in the arvo, and even warmer at the RRFM, with it’s multitude of books, clothes, stuff, and people. As I’m on medication and not fasting, I decided to cool down with their signature drink, the PM pour.

I will miss the spirit of camaraderie of the place, but I am convinced this won’t be the last we see of Tien and Jennifer, the Post-Museum and Food #03.

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