The Future Of This Blog / My Last Ditch Attempt

…is largely uncertain.

I find  myself racking my brain for things to write. Often, and usually in the bus, I’ll have an A-HA moment but somehow as soon as I get home to type it, it comes to zilch.

It used to be, during my early days of blogging (and when I was using Xanga), I could write three entries a day about just nothing at all and be content. On hindsight, those entries were terribly mundane and were usually things like ‘What I’m doing now’, ‘What I ate today’, or whining about school and homework. My friend Sno (whom I got to know from Xanga) once lamented the state of blogging today- how everyone wants to have a topic and no longer writes about frivolous, decadent things. Surprisingly, the mundane on Xanga received the highest comments! The mind boggles.

Staring at the WYSIWYG screen, my mind a blank, makes me re-think this whole blogging thing. Maybe I shouldn’t be blogging at all.

But look here, this is my last ditch effort in blogging. I found the 30 Day Photo Challenge via the Explore button on my Google Reader (I LOVE GOOGLE READER!). Wild Olive blogged about it, but this idea originates from Oh So Lovely! (image below from her blog)

Maybe the photo prompts will give me something to write about…


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