I am sick : (

What a terrible time to fall ill- only my second week at work, plus most of my co-workers are falling ill at the same time.

Yesterday started out fine- went to work, enjoyed myself in class, and increasingly felt less of a n00b at work.

Until, that is, the final class of the day- my throat hurt, and I felt my body temperature rising. I felt like collapsing there and then! Thankfully, C had lozenges in her bag, and that carried my voice through the lesson (in which my department head sat in- imagine that! Sick, and forced to perform).

When I went to see the doctor, I told him I was running a temperature but when he saw my throat he went “TSK TSK TSK I am more worried about this throat”. I am worried about this throat too- I am at my most miserable when I can’t talk or sing.

I have a LOT of meds to eat over this weekend I tell ya. $70 worth of loving from the 24 hour clinic. Gah!

Today was spent in bed (thank you Mama for changing my bedsheets last night before I came home from the Doc) in and out of consciousness. I have no appetite, but I think I can finish a sticky bun from Simply Bread.

Time for another round of meds, another Kodomo cooling patch on my forehead (I know it’s for kids but I like it), and another round of dreamless sleep…

2 thoughts on “I am sick : (

  1. teachersuzannah says:

    Hey Harlina, you have my deepest sympathies! I know what it’s like… cos just beginning to recover now from my bout with the seasonal virus. Lost my voice too, along with a racking cough and sore throat… and I’m missing singing dreadfully! :( *when can I have my voice back???*

    Hehe, and I’m on attachment!!… why is this virus seem sooo spiteful?

    Don’t worry, this too, shall pass. Rest well, and take care! (All the best at your new job too, glad you’re getting adjusted!)

    • Harlina says:

      Hi Suzannah! Thanks for the well wishes :) Hope you get your singing voice back soon!

      And good luck on the attachment- I learnt alot during that time, things I would not have learnt just teaching enrichment classes. Also- WOW, attachment already?! Feels like twas only yesterday that you started the diploma huh!

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