Things I didn’t know about Paris…

It’s funny- you spend three years in school with someone, so you assume you know a lot about said person.

I’ve known for awhile that Paris is one of my peers who graduated Mass Comm but is doing something unrelated now (auditing, having completed ACCA while in NS).

But what I didn’t know is this- Paris teaches music in the weekends, and once studied under Victor, my jazz piano teacher! What a small world.

Paris and I got into talking about music education, and I asked how he taught children 5 – 7 to play the piano, and he told me (in a nutshell) “with much difficulty”.

He doesn’t have Early-Childhood training, but has developed his own teaching philosophy, for which I applaud. I also think it’s great that Paris continues to nurture his passion in piano-playing and teaching!

Life long learning wins.

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