How Do We Prepare Children For the Future?

Singapore’s Education Minister, Mr Heng Swee Keat said his ministry will ‘focus on three core areas: to provide a good value system; to teach social and emotional competencies; and to foster creative thinking skills’ in order to prepare children for the future.

I remember the attempts made during my days in Primary and Secondary school, as well as in higher education, to encourage “creative thinking skills”. These involved drawing mind maps (yawn) and learning and memorising the Six Thinking Hats, usually outside of curriculum hours. I am not saying these methods are necessarily bad, but the delivery (often rigid, old-fashuned, and boring) made it so.

How then do we foster creativity? By advocating imagination for storywriting, art & craft class, science, and engage in everyday problem solving. Yes, this means creativity and imagination during curriculum time, creativity and imagination at recess time, creativity and imagination at assembly, etc.

Extreme? Maybe. But anything worth doing is worth overdoing, and since this is of importance, then let’s not just do it for it’s own sake. Let’s not scratch the surface.

Let’s prepare our children, so that they may leave a mark in the future. (How’s that for analogy!)

Would love to hear your thoughts on this!


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