Starred Links

I always have a book with me to read in buses, and in between classes. But in morning rush there really isn’t elbow room for a book, so I usually end up reading from my Google Reader- that’s how I read your blog entries, by the way.

Here are some links I Starred this week.

  1. Indiana latest US state to drop handwriting requirement (BBC News) – I have always hated penmanship and joined-up writing, so I am for this! Don’t get me wrong, I think it is important that everyone writes legibly, but I am all too happy to say good riddance to wasting time on cursive and spend time on basic typing skills instead :D
  2. Stories Are How We Make Sense of Life by writer Nathan Bransford – An entry I wish I had written myself!
  3. 7 Tips for Making Happy Decisions about How to Spend Your Time, Energy, and Money by Gretchen Rubin – I am at a crossroad. Should I stick to WordPress? Should I migrate everything to Posterous? Should I get a dot com? Should I switch careers? Should I be an entrepreneur? Should I go back to studying jazz? All that. 
  4. Easiest Pasta and Broccoli Recipe by Gina @ Skinnytaste- cos I love broccoli and pasta. Know a good broccoli recipe? 
  5. The Power of Stories by Prof. Trevor Cairney. Whether you are an educator, a children’s book enthusiast or a parent with young children, I highly recommend that you read/bookmark/subscribe to his blog

Got a link you enjoyed or found incredibly useful this week? Share! 


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