Sometime in March, I ordered a book from Penelope Trunk, and soon after, forgot about the purchase. So when I received an email update from Penelope two weeks ago, I was sexcited!

I can’t remember how or when I came across Penelope’s blog- maybe it was at work, maybe at home with the laptop on my chest, but it was love at first read. Penelope writes about career and life and living with Aspergers with candour. I want to be like Penelope!

Maybe I’ll write about having keratoconus? But there’s nothing much to tell you, except I have to wear these hard lens, and sometimes it gets grainy and it hurts. And sometimes I cheat and not wear the hard lens, and walk around with bad vision (it’s astigmatism on crack- instead of seeing double I see multiples). Hardly exciting.

ANYWAY, I’m looking forward to reading For the Soul Searcher cos I think it’s what I need it right now. Some soul searching, reflection, find direction. Now now, don’t scoff, get off your high horsy!

I’ve been restless these few weeks. Cocooned.

What is this, the near-mythical quarter-life crisis some of my friends talk about? Well maybe it exists, I don’t know, but at least it’s on time! I cannot say the same about my wisdom teeth.

Like Penelope’s book, they have not arrived.


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