How things begin

So life takes a quiet turn, at least for the week.

We wrapped up the last of our June Holiday Workshop on Saturday, together with Story Craft Term 2. On Sunday I co-hosted a joint book launch with Ben, Adeline Foo’s son.

It was Ben’s debut as an emcee and he wasn’t paid (he said as much!).

I remember my debut as a host in Primary School. I must have been in Primary 5, and was chosen to co-host the Hari Raya-CNY school concert with Chrystal, a classmate and partner-in-crime. Chrystal and I continued hosting school events until our PSLEs. Of course then, we’d re-write our whole script on 3 x 5 cards. These days, I do better with just the main points on cards.

Don’t you worry Ben, with lots of practice and more gigs, you’ll improve and who knows? Soon you may even get paid ;)


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