Where has December gone?

December always seem to fly by, and before you know it, the New Year is days away and you got no resolutions, but it’s okay we still got a few days to that. Yup- ending procrastination is chief on my list. (Geddit? Geddit?)

It should come as no surprise that the November/December holiday is the busiest period in my calendar- storytelling, events, workshops, registration for the following year, planning…

This year I had two weddings to attend- Om Ejal (Om means uncle, but we’re in the same age group really) got married, followed a fortnight later by my cousin and oldest childhood friend Firmanis.

Om Ejal's wedding

Fir & Fadhillah's Nuptials

Ahhhh. My childhood friends are getting married. A season has passed…

ANYWAY, save for one particularly pesky family friend, no one has asked the single most annoying question- “When is your turn?”. I know I have it easy, judging by my friends who go on and on about this one question on Twitter. Then again, most people look at me and think I am all of nineteen years old, and the youngest among four siblings. For the record, I am the eldest!

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