I didn’t win a prize. I had a sad. (And see you Famous Amos fans this Saturday!)

Ukulele performance

The place was packed! Ukulele is hot! I'm getting one for Christmas! :D

I was at Ukulele Movement‘s showcase last night, and between sets, they did a Q&A about the songs/band that were abt to be performed.

It reminds me of the kids’ events I host- when it comes to giveaways, everyone should leave a winner. If the first kid gets the answer wrong, I’ll ask for another brave soul to come onstage to ‘help both of you win a prize!’. Both kids leave with a prize each, and no one cries. Afterall, going onstage and getting the answer wrong is a really traumatizing experience- for proof, look no further than yours truly! :p

The question was ‘Who was the muse for the Billy Joel song, Uptown Girl?’ I RAN up and said Claudia Schiffer! But I was wrong. I didn’t win a prize. I had a sad! (Then I ordered a latte, and immediately felt better. I do like the latte at 15 minutes.)

PSSSSSSST, I will be giving away some prizes this Saturday, 3.30 pm at the Kinokuniya in Ngee Ann City; writer Adeline Foo will be launching the third installment of The Diary of Amos Lee- I’m Twelve, I’m Tough, I Tweet! If you’re a fan, come on down for the meet and greet! For more information, click here.

See you there, and do say hi! :D

2 thoughts on “I didn’t win a prize. I had a sad. (And see you Famous Amos fans this Saturday!)

  1. teachersuzannah says:

    Hey, great point: everyone should be a winner. I never did think about that. It sometimes occurs to me when working with my kindergarteners that they ought to get a reward for being brave enough to participate in the first place…. but sometimes they get it wrong despite their bravery. :(

    Ooh, goodie, now I know what to do about that. Fantastic point. I like that lots!

    PS: thanks for linking to me, Harlina. It helps me help more people tt way. ;)

    • Harlina says:

      Yes, I reward them for their bravery too- although not always with prizes, especially not in a classroom setting! Kind and encouraging words does wonders :D

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