Never buy books on an empty stomach!


My reading list!

Book buying is a funny thing. Throw in a 20% storewide discount into the mix, and book-buying becomes curiouser, and curiouser!

I was at Kinokuniya last Friday evening, taking advantage of their cardmember discount. I remember picking out five titles- two YA, one Children’s picture book, one Children’s Novel, and Dubliners by James Joyce. Then I felt guilty about wanting to buy so many books, especially since my special contact lenses (for keratoconus, more on that soon) will soon burn a hole in my pocket! So I put all but Joyce back on their shelves, and contented myself with just one book.

At this point I was thinking  hurray, me! I walked to the counter, and was getting ready to pay (took out my purse and Kinokuniya card), when… out of the corner of my eye… I spied the bestselling book (what can I say, I can’t quite call it a novel) title, Eat Pray Love. I never intended to buy the book, but at that moment I just felt like I had to. Because I 1) wanted to know what the big deal is and 2) don’t want to be the last one to read it.

I need a book-buying policy. Something like, I shouldn’t buy books when I have books waiting to be read at home. Ryan keeps this policy, but he doesn’t adhere to it strictly!

I forgot to mention that I was ravenous at that time, and you know what they say, never shop on an empty stomach! I see now that it doesn’t just apply to grocery shopping (I need help in the clothes-shopping dept., but I digress), but to purchasing books as well.

Has this ever happened to you? Book-buying or otherwise?


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