Food #03 – BenBino’s: new partnership, same ol’ familiarity

Dessert at Food #03

The best vegan brownie!

One of the high points of my week (last week) was dinner at the new Food #03 – BenBino’s with Youjin, Shaun and Ryan. Oh it was a riot alright, and the excellent company sure made dinner all the more enjoyable! Our four course dinner lasted three hours (I can’t believe it myself). After the soup and salad, I barely finished my dugu burger (I didn’t) and had to search the depths of my tummy to make room for dessert.

I’m really, really glad that although the place has a brand new menu with veg and non-veg offerings, and a new chef working alongside Tien, little else has changed. That Wednesday, the same familiar faces, seating arrangements, and laid-back charm came to greet me. Phew!

This happens to be one of my favourite places for chai, because it tastes better when you’re drinking with friends- nevermind if you walked in alone ;)


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