Hope this finds you well.

Cake and coffee

Cake, coffee, breather

I was at the IKEA outlet in Tampines earlier today, for work (have your kids/cousins/nieces/nephews done the Treasure Hunt? Ask at the Smaland counter!), and decided to take lunch at the cafe. The place was packed but I thought, let’s take our time. It’s fun to people watch. And I need a break.

The past week has been busy. I have so many posts brewing in my noggin! I want to write about

  • the circumstances that led me to discover that I had keratoconus, how I found keratoconus support on Twitter, and how my lens fitting went last Friday
  • what a great time I had with Youjin, Shaun and Ryan at Food #03 – BenBino’s
  • how my Little India – Deepavali Bazaar jaunt with Sno resulted in some curious buys
  • why I think The Bread of Angels > Eat Pray Love
  • why I need a book-buying policy ala Ryan

Alas! Blog posts don’t write themselves! GAH!


2 thoughts on “Hope this finds you well.

    • Harlina says:

      It is a permanent condition, but the opthalmologists assured me that I won’t ‘go blind’ from it, which is a relief :)

      Thank you Suzannah, you take care too!

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