Sorry, no dishy doctors in this post- hospitalisation, Bee Season, and a mystery solved!

I was bemoaning the fact that I couldn’t watch The Mentalist. The day was Tuesday, and I was in hospital. My other half told me that one of his grandaunts upgraded her room during a hospital stay, just so she could watch ER. ER! When she was in a hospital! It was hard to escape the irony. I guess the doctors and nurses around her didn’t look half as dishy as George Clooney. And no, I did not get a room upgrade.

Why I rush home Tuesday evenings

(Did you know that the series was created by Michael Crichton of Jurassic Park fame? AAAAAND did you know this same Michael Crichton was a resident physician in a hospital ER himself? Phwoar. Source: Wikipedia)

During my three days in hospital, I observed the nurses, doctors, servers, and student nurses & doctors (and other healthcare workers) while they worked. The hospital is a high-stress working environment, so it was interesting to watch people work together. Even the ones who didn’t seem to like each other. WAIT! Especially the ones who didn’t like each other. For the most part, I pretended to read while watching them. I watched the other patients too. (And when I think no one’s watching, I play with the bed controls :p)

And that’s how I finished reading Bee Season by Myla Goldberg- in hospital. It’s been awhile since I finished a book- I guess you can call me a 50-page girl, although sometimes I quit at thirty pages! To be honest, I don’t think I would have finished reading the book had it not been for the hospital stay- Goldberg writes beautifully, but there’s something tiring about reading Bee Season that made me want to stop reading, or rush the reading. The good? Bee Season provided a nice introduction to Jewish mysticism. There were some satisfying parts towards the end about Miriam, but alot of things were left unresolved. Sigh!

Thank goodness the mystery that was my ailment was largely resolved! After blood tests, X-Rays, a CT scan, and bed rest, I was diagnosed with migraine with aura. Apart from the migraine medicine and painkillers the doctors at the hospital prescribed me (to be taken if I get a migraine attack), I am also undergoing EEG Neurotherapy treatment for migraine. More on that next time!


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