Lunchtime Book Bargains

Book fair spoils

Lunch is usually a quick affair, and today was no different. Ry & I opted for burgers and a surprisingly good broccoli & strawberry salad at Mad Jack in Pomo. On our way back, we noticed that the (pre-loved) book fair is still on at Parklane Shopping Centre. Ry didn’t need any persuasion; to be honest, neither did I.

My spoils: Abandon by Pico Iyer, and The Complete Polysyllabic Spree by Nick Hornby. I picked up Abandon because it mentions Rumi, and my friends Sarina and Imran talk about him quite abit, so I thought why not get to know the poet through works of fiction for starters?

I enjoy reading about reading- not so much what to read, but what other people are reading and why. Although I’m not a big fan of Nick Hornby (Sorry, Helwa!), I bought this cos I thought he writes great reviews and this is something I want to do better!

Triceratops origami from Tien & Food #03. It was sitting on the counter, and I asked for it some months ago, and Tien said “Take it!”. Now that gesture of generosity sits atop my screen at work! :)

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