Happy Children’s Day!

When I was younger, I had really spiffy hair.

I also wanted to be an ‘otter’- of course, these days we don’t say author anymore, we say writer. But yes, from the moment I graduated from Peter and Jane (as I turned six) and went on to read Enid Blyton, I knew I wanted to be an ‘otter’. Except I only got my enunciation right (developed my th‘s, finally) near the age of eight, so you can imagine me saying otter, tree, and turd :p Go figure!

So Enid Blyton I am not (yet)! But photos of me reading alone, or aloud, are a dime a dozen. I can’t help but see it as a sign that hey, maybe I always knew I was going to be a storyteller.

What do the photographs from your childhood say about you?

In Singapore, we celebrate Children’s Day on the 1st of October. Primary school children do not attend school, and most childcare centres and kindergartens close on this day. According to Wikipedia, beginning next year, Children’s Day will be celebrated on the first Friday of October. What a great idea! I hope this means parents get the day off too, so they get to spend the long weekend with their kids.

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