Lunchtime Gig


Lunchtime gig

Tengku Adil and friends


Ry and I had planned to lunch at 15 minutes today- it was my suggestion, and I had an ulterior motive!

(Well, two- he was guest lecturing at Singapore Poly with Dzaki and I couldn’t make it this morning, so I wanted to take him out for lunch.)

The set? It was fantastic. Admittedly, before this I only knew ‘Itu Yang Pasti’, but wow Tengku Adil has some really good material- ‘Jauh’ was really heartfelt, and his rendition of ‘Across the Universe’ (which he did solo, sans band) was breathtakingly intimate, and brave, and almost as if he was confronting something/someone.

If the gig was fantastic, I can’t say the same about the grub at 15 minutes- I much prefer their dinner service to lunch. The avocado cream pasta was watery, not like the ones we’ve had at dinner.

Lesson learnt: We’ll only head there for dinner next time.


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