Lazy Sunday Post


New, and old-new

It’s a lazy kind of Sunday- so lazy, I decided to outsource my breakfast to McDelivery (ETA: 30 mins). There was supposed to be a storytelling session at noon, but it has been postponed by the client so here I am, a whole day ahead of me.

It’s a good thing then, that I have reading materials at the ready! I was reading Atonement by Ian McEwan -didn’t watch the movie version- and I admit to buying that book for the free movie ticket. My other half bought another title from the Vintage Films series, and with the tickets we watched Resident Evil on my birthday.

I said was reading, because I got distracted! And a good distraction it is, too. I am currently reading (with much fervour) The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart, a children’s novel that should not be, because adults would enjoy it too! Stewart cleverly weaves the story with puzzles and riddles and general knowledge, without making them sound like a learning point. There are moral and ethical issues in the story, but the reading is so seamless, that even if they didn’t pick up on the GK and issues raised, they would still have read a really wonderful book.

I daresay this is the next Harry Potter! Half-way thru the book and I can’t wait to get my hands on the other two books in the series! Oh I forgot to mention that the beautiful illustrations are by Carson Ellis- they really do add that extra something to the text.

At an evening jaunt to Bras Basah Complex yesterday, I couldn’t resist picking up a copy of Sophie’s World (to replace my long-lost one) and Bee Season by Myla Goldberg. Five dollars for both! Hard to beat.

Oh look my brunch is here, and I’d like to enjoy my hotcakes and latte while they are warm. Have a good Sunday everyone, and if you’re reading something good, please share it!


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