A tradition worth keeping

Snow-skin mooncake from Stef

For years, my best buddies and I kept a mooncake tradition- every year, Adi, Fengnian and I would meet up for mooncake. The year Fn stayed in a swanky dorm in NTU, we were joined by Youjin and Fn’s grumpy ex-girlfriend (by Zeus am I glad that’s over). We also jammed in the ADM jamming studio, were given the grand tour of the School of Art, Design and Media, slid down their grasstop roof, and got a taste of la vida dorm NTU. This mooncake tradition demanded that everyone brought some mooncakes to share- we always end up bringing our favourites (mine is original baked, lotus, with yolk- one is good, two is better, though not for my heart!).

Last year, we broke tradition. As I recall, I was at Hua Song Museum in Haw Par Villa, storytelling* for a Mid-Autumn Festival event and indulging in more types of mooncakes and Chinese teas than I can remember the names of!

*One of the stories I love telling during the Mid-Autumn Festival, is my own variation of the Gingerbread Man – the refrain goes like this instead “Run run run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the Moooooncake Man!”. I also change the characters and landmarks in the story to fit the theme, but the Fox stays!

But as I took a break from a busy day at work and enjoyed a snow-skin mooncake, it dawned on me that the last time I hung out with both Adi and Fengnian was two years ago, for mooncake.

Which is why, guys, I’d like to bring sexy back- let’s revive the tradition this year. Let’s celebrate seven years of friendship, and let us not keep it to ourselves- we should extend the invite to as many friends as possible! It’s a tradition worth keeping, a communion of sorts, and who cares about the calories?

Friends, DM me on Twitter to be part of the festivities!

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