Lunchtime jaunt


Vegetable stall at Dunlop Street in Little India

Went to Little India earlier to run an errand, and thought I’d snap some pictures just for fun. This Casio digital camera I bought (on a whim, on National Day) is one funny toy- it seems to take better pictures when it’s bright outside. The flash is terrible! I took some night shots on Hari Raya which resulted in my siblings and I looking like zombies.

Lunchtime jaunt


I love being in Little India- it is organic, and it operates on it’s own set of rules. If you’ve driven around Little India on a weekend, you would know- traffic lights? BAH! Who cares about traffic lights! Five foot walkways? BAH! Who needs to walk on them- let’s use them to extend our shops! And of course, Indian sweets… mmm what’s not to like…

(to see the rest, click here)


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