I think my boss has a web-tracking device installed to our computer network.

Tweet, tweet!

Licensed to Tweet!

What an exciting week! It was the September holidays (and Hari Raya), which meant running holiday workshops, storytelling sessions and meeting new and interesting people, which I loveeee and consider a job perk.

You know what else is a perk? Being in charge of Social Media! Yeah, hence this blog entry’s title. (Did you, Eugene?)

Okay, so my boss didn’t exactly say “With the powers invested in me by the monsters under my bed and the monsters inside my head, I dub thee Harlina Samat, Pasha of our Facebook Page (well, assistant Pasha cos Eugene is still the main man there) and all things social media”. He didn’t say that, no, not even close. But he did send me an email outlining the things that I absolutely have to do- update our Facebook Page at least twice a week and to use Twitter.

I went one step up and put us on Foursquare, so savvy parents and their savvy kids can come by, sign-in and get badges. I haven’t figure that one out yet though, but once our reno is over, I think we should throw a housewarming party and guests can earn a housewarming badge!

Well, I’m still figuring things out, really- care to toss some ideas my way?

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