Bukit Panjang, oi!

Jiayuan after a meal of vegetarian briyani and masala tea at Karu one Sunday!

It is a rare weekend that goes by without JY & I visiting Bukit Panjang Plaza- usually to return books at the library. These jaunts usually last for hours- we’ll have a meal, go to the library, maybe even go to Step by Step for a foot massage, then go to the basement for a drink (Starbucks, if we’re feeling rich!).

Daiso opened a store at BPP recently and life hasn’t been the same. If you ask me, some of the best things in life are $2! But I should stop talking about Daiso now, because I am not a Daiso blogger.

For as long as I can remember, we (JY & I) have been talking about getting ourselves a bicycle (you know, the kind with a mesh basket in front, cos it’s cool) so we can cycle around Bukit Panjang. We really ought to get out of the air-conditioned comfort of our heartland mall and explore the neighbourhood, cos BP is a wonderful place to live (if not a little out of the way), and we’d like to share the awesomeness that is Bukit Panjang with the rest of the world.

Bicycle or not JY, we should do this! Let’s start this Sunday, just not at the mall…

(How about archery?)


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