Storytelling is on the front cover of ST Life!

Cover of Life 26/08/10

Verena Tay on the cover of ST Life!

Check out today’s Life! section for a spread on storytelling along with a list of sessions for adults- anyone keen to attend The Storytellers’ Circle tomorrow?

Professional storyteller Rosemarie Somaiah is spot-on to say that storytellers love listening to stories as much as they enjoy telling them (I am paraphrasing here). I love listening to stories too, and am a little disappointed that there won’t be a storytellers’ showcase at this year’s SISF.

I once watched Rosemarie perform a story which had some parts in Mandarin (I think it was at Share-A-Story’s 1st Anniversary celebrations), and later she told the audience that she has always wanted to learn Mandarin, and she hoped she wasn’t too bad- she wasn’t.

I like that storytelling gives people the opportunity to use their newfound skills  them while telling stories! Roger Jenkins, whose storytelling workshop I attended last week, told us a story where he also signed. I thought that was just awesome, then entertained the thought of learning how to sign as well! (One thing at a time!)

So yes, I’m keen on attending The Storytellers’ Circle! Sure sounds like fun :D


One thought on “Storytelling is on the front cover of ST Life!

  1. Rosemarie Somaiah says:

    Dear Harlina,

    I just happened upon your article today. Guests are welcome to attend their first next meeting of The Storytellers’ Circle (‘STC’). Regular attendees are members of the STC. We have moved to the Arts House for most of our regular meetings but do check out the website for details of the meetings. Or contact the Secretariat at the website for more information. We look forward to seeing you and your pals. RS

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