Hanging out.

Hanging out


I met Tana at Spinelli in Orchard Central after work yesterday- which is funny (to me) cos we actually work in the same office- plus, she sits right across from me!

I can’t remember the last time we hung out though- between work, sending and fetching her bub Ezra to and from the babysitter’s, and managing her own home, I don’t blame Tana for not having time to hang out. In fact I wonder how she does all that!

I had a lovely time just chatting, sharing stories, and (me) learning about married life and being a mum.

When the barista came by to say they were closing in 15 minutes, I was a little surprised. So early? And then I looked at my watch- it was 10.15!

It was not yet dark when I took <<<that photo!


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